Dr.-Ing. Lichuan Gui, http://lcgui.net

EDPIV—evaluation software for digital particle image velocimetry

No key is required when testing or practicing software functions with sample images downloaded from this website. However, the professional edition of EDPIV is not a free software package. Two methods are used to protect the software:

1. A file named “edpiv.key” can be used to upgrade the software from demo to full version. When you receive a key-file, e.g. from e-mail, you should put it in the folder that contains EDPIV files and run “edpiv.exe” ASAP to upgrade the software to a full version for a given time period. Please note that the key-file will expire in a few days after it is created, and then the full version of EDPIV cannot be transferred to other computers. The key-file method is used for short term users.

2. A USB key can be used to turn the software into a full version. Since the USB key is durable and portable, there is no time limit and it can be used for different computers. In some cases it requires a driver to install the USB key. The USB-key drivers are available here. Currently the USB key is available for Windows XP, 7 and 8 users.  



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