Example 0. RAW image format

EDPIV is able to process 8- and 16-bit uncompressed digital images. It can automatically identify TIFF and BMP files. However, other image formats are considered as raw image format and need to input file structure information in software dialogue box “Raw image format”. A few examples of raw images are provided, so that EDPIV user may learn how to use this feature.

1.   Dantec_IIHR.img: Image width: 1008; Image height: 1018; Offset:-1;Gray bits:8;Double frame   

2.   HSFC-PRO.b16: Image width: 1280; Image height: 1024; Offset:-1;Gray bits:16; Single frame   

3.   Lavasion_Essen.img: Image width: 1008; Image height: 984; Offset:256;Gray bits:16; Double frame   

4.   Lavasion_Purdue.img: Image width: 1024; Image height: 1280; Offset:256;Gray bits:16; Double frame   

5.   NCPA_LabView.tiff: Image width: 1280; Image height: 1024; Offset:8;Gray bits:16; Single frame   

6.   PCO_16bit.fts: Image width: 1024; Image height: 2048; Offset:2881;Gray bits:16; Single frame   

7.   PIV_C2003_A001a.tif: Image width: 992; Image height: 1004; Offset:8;Gray bits:8; Single frame   

8.   SPE_Purdue.SPE: Image width: 1300; Image height: 1030; Offset:4100;Gray bits:16; Multiple frame   

9.  TSI_IIHR.img: Image width: 1320; Image height: 1035; Offset:0;Gray bits:8; Single frame   

10. Video_Essn.bmp: Image width: 768; Image height: 512; Offset:1078;Gray bits:8; Video frame   

11. 24bit_Color.BMP: Load separated three frames by setting the “Color BMP channels” to “All”.



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