1. Display contours

EDPIV includes a function to create and display contour maps of  vorticity, velocity components and turbulent components in “Evaluation” window. The displayed contour maps may not have high quality for formal publication, but they provide helpful references for further processing the PIV recordings. The following example shows how to display a vorticity contour map.


When a 2D vector map is obtained after an evaluation of a PIV recording pair, e.g. application example 2 as



Select menu “View \  Contours” to open window



Select color map, smooth level and contour type; set contour variable as “Vorticity”; adjust the value limit; and then press “OK” button. The vorticity contour map is created as



Use left mouse function to draw a small frame at the interesting area and press the zoom button to get a closer view as



The color map is shown as




Please note that the value shown in this box should be divided by the time interval. 



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