Settings for creating contours

When clicking menu “View \ Contours ” in Evaluation window, “Settings for creating Contours” appears for following settings:

ColorMap - The ColorMap is used to indicate the contour value in the 2-d contour map. In this window three choices of ColorMap styles are available.

Smooth - The smooth window size (side length) for the 2-d contour map can be set from 0 to 5 times of the grid cell.

Contour - The contours can be selected as grounded, flat, or with curves.

Contour variable - 12 variable can be selected for displaying contours when data is ready.

Upper limit - The upper limit of the contour variable.

Lower limit - The lower limit of the contour variable.

OK button - Pressed to activate the function.

Cancel button - Pressed to cancel the function.

The vorticity, which is the twice of the rotation angle in one second, is computed for each grid cell with displacement vectors at the four corners. In order the value not to be influenced by the selection of time interval t, the time interval t is assumed to be one second. Note that the displayed or output vorticity should be divided by time interval t.

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