Image pattern for calibration marker search

Edpiv pE 2013 help

In this dialogue window, the selected raw image pattern, the image pattern in the next frame and the synthetic image pattern used to determine center of surface markers are displayed in the upper half, whereas edit boxes and function buttons are distributed below. Details are described as the following.   


Image search pattern: raw or synthetic image pattern selected for image pattern search;

Image pattern #1: selected image pattern in the current image frame;

Image pattern #2: displaced image pattern in the next frame.

W width

Width of the image pattern selecting window.

S radius

Radius of the image pattern search.

Position [pix]

Position of the selected image pattern in the image frame.

Displacement [pix]

Displacement of the selected image pattern in the next frame. The data is used to image pattern tracking as initial window shift.


The shape of the synthetic pattern can be changed, i.e. “+” for a cross-shaped marker and “o” for a 2D-Gaussian marker.


The intensity of the synthetic image pattern can be determined in two ways, i.e. positive image or negative image.

Size variation [%]

H - percentage of horizontal line thickness variation;

V - percentage of vertical line thickness variation;

O - percentage of total image pattern size variation.

Angles [deg]

H - rotation angle of the horizontal line (it works with shape “+”);

V - rotation angle of the vertical line (it works with shape “+”);

O - rotation angle of the image pattern (it works with shape “o”).

IPT settings

Raw image - IPT tracking with the selected image pattern, and the freedom limit should be determined;

Synthetic image pattern - IPT tracking with the synthetic image pattern.

Window offset

Window offset X and Y are to correctly determine the displacement of image pattern #2 when out of the search radius.

Button “C”

Used to update image patterns when parameters changed;

Button “OK”

Used to close the current window and activate further functions; 

Menu “Close”

Used to close the current window; 

Menu “Match angles” 

Select to match the synthetic pattern line angles to the selected image pattern;

Menu “Reset”

Used to reset the parameters.